At The Launch of “REIMAGINING” feat. pop artist Philip Hemnell

REIMAGINING featuring pop artist Philip Hemnell just ended yesterday and we thought of bringing back some of the good memories from the launch!

Make Up Artist Tinoq!

Our first guest at the show was a blast of pink which ironically brought Hemnell’s vibrant pieces to life! We couldn’t have adored this sweetheart more.

IMG_1063 IMG_1059

Having some fun before more guests arrive.


Hemnell explaining technique & composition


Hemnell speaking about art

And while the private reception was in progress, we took a chance to wander around the shop and discovered mini artistic treasures which fitted right into the concept of SPRMRKT!


One of Hemnell’s most iconic pieces – The National Rice Cooker

The National rice cooker was one of Hemnell’s earliest and most iconic pieces which pretty much marked his departure from corporate finance into the world of art and creativity. The rice cooker is significant to Hemnell as it was the one object he only really cared about to bring with him when he went to London to start university. We’re stoked to finally see it at SPRMRKT with its multiple juxtapositions.

The fun didn’t end there when we got a chance to meet the super lovely owner of Galerie Steph For more updates from Galerie Steph, follow them on Facebook!


Stephanie of Galerie Steph with Ming of Two Rabbits Food Co.

Two Rabbits Smoky Chilli has been one of our more popular condiments and we couldn’t resist using it in one of our dishes while catering for the reception. We were really lucky to have one half of the brains behind Two Rabbits attend the show.

We catered a mix of sweet and savoury items and which we hope you enjoyed!


A White Sangria specially concocted for us by ex wine sommelier Zachary Tay!

 IMG_1065-1 IMG_1066-1 IMG_1067-1   IMG_1064  IMG_1068-1


Assorted Crostini: Smoked Salmon & Sour Cream, Tuna Mayo & Egg Mayo

Two Rabbits Smoky Chilli Pulled Pork Cucumber Canape

Quinoa Canape

Fried Risotto Balls

Lemon Butter Cake Squares


In sum, it was a fun and engaging evening with a lot more guests who came then we managed to capture. Thank you to all who did make it. Thank you to Galerie Steph for making this a milestone in our calendar of shows and to affable artist Philip Hemnell for being such an inspiration and a hidden wunderkind.


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