At The Launch of “The Magic Bird” feat. Malavika PC

The Magic Bird Poster-02

At the opening reception of Indian artist Malavika PC on 4th June. (The opening reception was changed from 3rd to 4th June as the artist was flying into Singapore for the Asian Festival of Children’s Content and we wanted to catch her!)


Kamiliah, assistant to gallerist Stephanie Tham of Galerie Steph, is pictured here orientating guests 🙂

The show started with a presentation by Sue Yian Quek, founder and publisher of The Magic Bird collection of children’s books. Magic Bird’s profits are channeled towards social projects, which it calls Wisdom Clubs, that benefit kids with no opportunity to read. Since 2012, Magic Bird has donated over 26,000 books, built 17 reading spaces and conducted multiple reading programmes through its Wisdom Clubs.


A customer picking up a copy of the The Magic Bird book, written by Ken Spillman and illustrated by Malavika PC.


Malavika PC pictured here giving a toast to guests.

Depending on where you are in the CBD, the fast and furious pace can get in the way of imagination and creativity. We hope that by showing these works – many of which are amazingly illustrated, people will be inspired.” – SPRMRKT co-owner Sue-Shan Quek


SPRMRKT co-owner Sue-Shan pictured in the centre orientating guests about the unique art pieces.

The exhibition featured original collages on hand-textured sheets from the children’s book of the same title written by Ken Spillman. Malavika’s approach to making the collages mirror the book, which she says is about “the core yearning in us to learn, grasp and respond to the occurrences outside of us. And how reading, literacy, vocabulary and articulation equips a mind for expression, constantly letting us know how expansive the universe around is.” As such, her works are layered with paper to give depth, distance and flight, and rooted in very organic typography so as to appear gentle and uplifting.


#18/22 The Magic Bird Series, 2014-15 Paper, Inks & Adhesive 30 x 30 cm Unique Work SGD 850


#23/23 The Magic Bird Series, 2014-15 Paper, Inks & Adhesive 30 x 30 cm Unique Work SGD 850


#21/22 The Magic Bird Series, 2014-15 Paper, Inks & Adhesive 30 x 30 cm Unique Work SGD 850

Please note that some of these works are still available for sale. More information can be found below.

IMG_1128More photos of guests and the serene opening launch to Malavika’s show.

IMG_1133SPRMRKT thanks Malavika PC, Galerie Steph & The Magic Bird for all the hard work and effort placed into getting this exhibition together!


One of the pieces which sold! #20/22. The Magic Bird Series. Paper, ink & adhesive. 30 x 30cm.

Some of Malavika’s works are still being exhibited and sold at Galerie Steph in Helutrans. For those who’d like to find out more about the artist, do check out a recent interview of the lovely Malavika posted below and contact Galerie Steph or SPRMRKT for more details!



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