“Pure Days: Art & Life” feat. Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio

Pure Days . Art & Life by Art Is Studio Poster-v3-01.jpeg

We’re making milestones this year with back-to-back group exhibitions – this time with 3 artists, Alessia Levonique, Liu Ling and Tracy Tan from Art Is Gallery & Artist Studio! Titled ‘Pure Days: Art & Life’, this is also their first group exhibition together, featuring a collection of oil paintings, charcoal & pen drawings and photographs.

PureDays-125 (1).jpg

Guests reading Liu Ling’s artist statement flanked by her works ‘Paper Clips’ and ‘Autumn Dream’ – both original charcoal drawings on paper

Our opening reception was held on 25 May and it was open to the public. Guests were first greeted by Liu Ling’s lifelike charcoal and pen drawings.

PureDays-119 (1).jpg

Liu Ling’s wall of art, featuring from left: ‘Tree No. 3’, ‘Bright Eyes’, ‘Paper Clips’ and ‘Autumn Dream’

Besides doodling when she was younger, it might surprise most that Liu Ling received little formal education in art until 2 years ago in 2014, when she attended a course at Art Is.

PureDays-135 (2).jpg

Admiring ‘Tree No. 3’, the only pen drawing out of those on display and also a headline piece

She also has a few print editions of her original charcoal work available for sale and they can be found in the catalogue. The latter was displayed at “Faces of Writers”, her first solo exhibition held at Booktique: Where Writers Shop, late last year.

At 153 x 122 cm, the oil painting ‘Cherries’ by Alessia Levonique, is the largest piece on show. It was recently displayed at Asian Contemporary Art Tomorrow held in Seoul but we are glad it made it back in time for this exhibition!


Alessia (right) poses with friends against the backdrop that is her masterpiece

Described as ‘still life hyper-realism photo-realism’, it is hard to believe this isn’t actually a photograph! Nestled among our retail shelves, her second piece, ‘Red Gems’, is an equal stunner.


Taking it all in

Alessia also had a third piece that we unfortunately couldn’t display due to space constraints:

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.35.12 pm.png

‘Red Rubies’ depicts juicy pomegranate seeds in her signature style of hyper-realism

These appealing visuals of fruit are whetting our appetite so here are some highlights of the night’s chow before we move on:


Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.04.40 pm.png

Gyozas with Soy Glaze, Fried Chicken with Sambal Mayo, Roasted Turkey & Fusili Salad and Lemon Butter Squares!


Making people happy with food & art

Meanwhile, we popped over to check out the commotion in the back room:


Tracy (right) acquainting viewers with her photographs

Through dye sublimation, Tracy’s photographs were infused into a specially coated surface (ChromaLuxe) to achieve intensely sharp colour and clarity, so much so each frame seems to transport viewers to the streets and landscapes where the stills were taken.

PureDays-121 (2).jpg

From left, ‘We Will Meet Again’, ‘Bones’ and ‘Finding, You’

Besides the 3 ChromaLuxe photos, she also has print editions of these 2 landscapes on fine art paper:




PureDays-163 (1).jpg



Congratulations! 🙂

The artists have drawn inspiration from nature and endeavoured to understand and represent beauty in the most ordinary of things. It is hoped that viewers can also discover beauty in simplicity as they encounter the art pieces, and be transported to the state of peace and tranquility that they were in as it was being created.

‘Pure Days: Art & Life’ will be on show until 26 July. To request for a copy of the catalogue, email us at contactus@sprmrkt.com.sg.

Contributing Writer: Hui Li



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