SPRMRKT is about redefining your local supermarket experience and repurposing that space for your daily needs. It’s about feeding yourself with not just food but with ideas that take people or things to inspire.

We’re here to help you with your last minute food and beverage fix and random gift solutions while also catering to private parties, corporate lunch and dinner events and deliveries.

Our daily menu changes everyday and repeats weekly. The menu is kept small and we do this just so our ingredients are kept fresh and we have enough time to prepare for each day the menu changes. This also helps with minimising any food wastage at the end of the day – we’d rather sell out than hold stock. All our raw ingredients including our homemade sauces, prepared marinades and uncooked meats can also be bought by weight over the counter if you so decide to have an impromptu dinner at home instead and we do encourage you to bring your own containers when purchasing these because you know just how much you need and it helps keep us more eco-friendly.

Retail products are carefully sourced from around the world and only a few brands with limited stock are displayed each time. Creative professionals are invited to engage with some of these retail products and also showcase another side of their artistic talent, outside of their daily bread and butter projects.

Do drop us a visit at 2 McCallum Street, Singapore 069043, the ground level unit of our much loved shophouse or contact us by writing to us at contactus@sprmrkt.com.sg or calling us at +65 6221 2105. For rental of space, food catering, retail product and art enquiries, it is best to avoid calling us during our peak lunch hours of 11.30am to 2.30pm Mondays to Fridays.

For the latest updates on what we do, look for us on Facebook and Twitter.


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