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To live free and fearlessly, to be comfortable in your own skin, to brazenly express your personal style. The inception of CAVALIER is rooted in these philosophies to bring visually stimulating, conceptual designs that are distinct and ever evolving.

For the first time, SPRMRKT hosted a CAVALIER pop up shop at their multi-concept bistro on 2 McCallum Street for a weekend. During which, a special charity dish with Scrambled eggs, Caviar and Champagne was offered and the dining room, typically amassed with hungry customers, was converted into a mini runway!


Now, bringing you from right behind the scenes and into A Cavalier Weekend at SPRMRKT in the next few minutes, we thank those who have been waiting to see the highlights and the lovely kids who rehearsed and modeled their clothes in spunky fashion.

Rehearsal Day


Finding the right kids to match their style, we had Kyra, Vera (Kyra’s younger sister), Jasper, Vera (Jasper’s cousin), Luke (the kid that inspired one of Cavalier’s Charity Capsule designs!), Angel (SPRMRKT’s Chef Joseph Yeo’s daughter!) and Singapore’s youngest award-winning creatives Renn & Aira of !

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But it wasn’t just about the kids, thought admittedly they were too cute to miss, some space planning was also required to give SPRMRKT a more textural feel and fashion appeal where handmade local jewellery brands such as Chalk Concrete and STACK by A.K.A Wayward fitted right in with the theme that SPRMRKT represents; sourcing and establishing only the best made in Singapore products, whilst vintage eyewear from JPG was in truth an odd but stylish mix!


What does JPG and Ori Beenut Butter have in common? Honestly, absolutely nothing but we’d like to hint at something familiar called taste.


STACK by A.K.A Wayward

STACK by A.K.A Wayward & FALCON Enamelware

IMG_3330IMG_3329Finally, the set up for the weekend could not have been complete without CAVALIER’s signature skateboard and steel clothing rack, entirely made by the Angela & Perry themselves!


And where the design duo cleverly hung some outfits by our wall lamps to give a different identity and added dimension to space and the walls featuring Philip Hemnell’s art pieces at that time. We loved it!


Photo courtesy of CAVALIER


Photo courtesy of CAVALIER

If you were there, you might have had a chance to taste these wonderful cookies, baked in-house by our brilliant and affable Pastry Chef! A little token to thank those who made it, even though the weather wasn’t the best, these cookies did seem to cheer some up 🙂


Photo courtesy of CAVALIER

To the parents, kids and last but not least the brains behind CAVALIER, Angela & Perry, thank you for making A Cavalier Weekend at SPRMRKT a memorable blast of fun before the year ended!







Where else can you find this in SPRMRKT? by Elise Lim

Vegetable Art By Elise Lim

Paperways is a South Korean product made by a graphic design company.

Early childhood educator, Elise Lim, currently working at Between Two Trees, spent her time right after graduation working with us while she went in search for her purpose in life. During quieter periods, she would experiment with her artistic side and we loved it!

Apple Crumble by Pastry Chef, Furrene. Photo by Julia Duclos

Not actually on our menu but we wanted to have some fun and was eager to try baking with these lightweight trays. Gorgeously rustic for your own DIY parties at home and which we recommend serving it directly from oven to table! Baking set comes with 5 baking trays at S$110. Makes for a great gift too.

First in Singapore to carry this product, write to us at or call us at 62212105 during our operating hours if you’d like to see more from Falcon. Best to avoid calling during the lunch hours of 11.30am to 2.30pm on Mondays to Fridays.